Top 7 Domain Flipping Tactics You Just Can’t Afford to Overlook

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Top 7 Domain Flipping Tactics You Just Can’t Afford to Overlook

Domain flipping can be a very lucrative business provided you understand and master some of its key aspects.

With popular domain names such as,,, and the likes fetching high seven-figure amounts, we all know the huge selling potential that the right domain names have.

Although you may/may not land such million dollar deals, it isn’t impossible to make a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars by intelligently buying and selling domains on a regular basis.

In this short article I’ll acquaint you with the top seven domain flipping tactics, or let’s say basics that you cannot afford to overlook.

Let’s begin!

1. Keep your price expectations real

As mentioned above, we keep hearing about those six to seven figure domain names exchanging hands every now and then.

However, we fail to realize that such deals constitute a very tiny percentage of the overall domain transactions.

A regular secondary market domain name (normally a two-word domain name) with a .com extension usually sells for anywhere around $2000. On the whole, not many domain names fetch a price higher than $5000. Hence, keep that in mind at the time of pricing your domain’s.

2. Buy targeted EMDs (Exact Match Domains) keeping local businesses in mind

The past one decade has witnessed many changes in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Regardless of how many times the Google algorithm changes, the importance of EMDs can never be undermined.

Provided you get all other aspects of the SEO right, having your primary target keyword in the domain name can really help you climb up the search engine ladder.

To give you an example, has a high probability of getting ranked in the top 10 results for the keyword “Boston Real Estate” (provided all other SEO aspects are taken care of).

A good way to bank on this fact is by visiting your favorite domain registrar and searching for domain names that may seem like valuable investments to the business establishments in your city.

Buy one or more of these domains and start contacting the local businesses you think will be interested in buying them.

Selling such domain names for profit will never be a difficult task if you approach your prospects with highly persuasive sales letters. You may struggle a bit during the first few times, but all that pain will be worth it in the longer run!

3. Never rush into selling your domains

While some domain names can be flipped in a matter of few days, others may take some time.

You may be required to hold onto a domain name for weeks, months or perhaps even years to get the right price for it. This holds particularly true for domain names that have great value potential to niche and small audiences.

Don’t shy away from adopting the long-term strategy if it means huge profits. It’s much better to earn tens of thousands of dollars in a many months than settling for a few hundreds in days.

4. Learn to scrape high PR (page rank) expired domains

All those who say page rank is passe are either confused themselves or are plainly trying to mislead you.

Google still follows the page rank system diligently when determining its SERP results. Hence, when looking for profitable domain names, seek out the ones that belong to expired websites with good page ranks.

Many a times such domain names have reasonably high page ranks and a large number of already existing back links. This makes them highly valuable from the perspective of SEO.

Finding such domain names is usually a time-consuming affair. But you can make it profitable if you’re good at web scraping. Good web scrapers can easily unearth many such high page rank domains in a matter of few minutes.

5. Bank on your expertise

We’re all experts at something or the other! Why not make use of your knowledge in a particular field when searching for profitable domain names?!

If you have good understanding of a particular niche, whether it is real estate, golf clubs, fishing or anything else, you should bank on your knowledge and lookout for domain names with specific keywords related to that niche.

As majority of such domain names will be niche specific, you may be able to buy them at attractive prices from the registrars or auction websites.

Considering the fact that you’re an expert in the field, you’ll also be able to effectively pitch these domain names to several potential buyers.

6. Alternative TLDs are in

We’re well past the days when only .com, .org and .net extensions were considered worth buying.

Nowadays any domain extension, whether it is .us, .io or anything else can be worth a tremendous amount if it solves the purpose of the target investor/s.

So, if you do spot a good domain name, available with an unappealing TLD, don’t refrain from investing in it.

Domain hacks are popular these days and hence several top-level domain names with unusual extensions are just as much valuable as their .com counterparts.

7. Why focus only on domain names?! Go a step ahead and flip websites!

Many a times you can get a much higher price for your domain name if you offer a thoughtfully built website along with it.

Creating websites for your domain names is beneficial in several ways – it shows their true potential, enhances their SEO value and makes them more appealing.

If you come across a domain name that seems like having great traffic potential without the need of a lot of SEO work, you can simply build a WordPress site for it.

Many domain flippers I know are able to get two to three times the value of their domain names just by building websites for them.

Final word

Domain flipping is an excellent way to bank on your research skills and earn good returns on your investment/s. Doing it on a regular basis can also help you learn a lot about the preferences of online marketers, companies and start-up organizations, with regard to their online presence.

Hi, I’m Mark! I’ve been an online entrepreneur, writer, website flipper and more for over 8 years now. Having faced the highs and lows of the online marketplace first-hand, I’ve learned quite a few things along the way. I’d love to share all those learnings with you here on this blog! Buying/selling websites can be great fun, provided you’re aware of the right tactics and know how to implement them correctly. My posts will help you do just that!

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