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We’ve compiled a list of the most valuable resources that you can use to assist you in developing, buying, or selling your website. All of these links have been personally used, tested, or recommended to us.

Website & Domain Marketplaces

page2images_gC6Bvl9d7o1gAs2r1Flippa: The best marketplace for buying and selling websites. They have over 500,000 registered users and a bid is placed on an auction every minute. Basic listings cost $19 and a small success fee.

page2images_zZRnrkM5pcUXBpF11WebsiteBroker: A smaller, less popular alternative to Flippa. There aren’t as many selling tools and it’s not as recommended for buyers. Nevertheless, it’s an alternative for sellers to list their website on.

page2images_0GqFZk8K1n0DbStM1Sedo: This is strictly just for domain names but it’s the #1 service to buy and sell domains. We have found great deals on some premium domains (it’s where we bought the name!)

Domain Names & Hosting

page2images_2q4vfHGgfZzofFaH1 Bluehost: One of our favorite web hosts. Great solution for hosting multiple websites and they are even offering a $3.95/month special right now. Some other neat features include 1-click  WordPress installation and excellent customer support.

page2images_U4fb6OQsGyRGUuA51Host Gator: A popular host with mixed reviews. They have been around for a while and are a decent alternative to Bluehost and have about the same pricing. Unlike the previous two hosts that we recommend, offers to build you a free website when you sign up. You can also build it yourself using their easy 3 step building system. This is a good alternative host for people who are brand new to making websites.

page2images_XYfCzknMtM3jq6ZO1Namecheap: This is one of our favorite places to register domains. Their interface is one of the best that we have seen and they offer all kinds of additional add-ons including hosting, SSL certificates, and even an Exchange e-mail service that we use.

E-Commerce Tools

page2images_lX6JByRrND9TTPea1Shopify: Definitely recommended if you’re starting a new e-commerce business. Setting up a store is quick and easy and looks unbelievably nice! They offer all kinds of tools for adding and managing products. This is our favorite for starting an e-commerce site.

page2images_K46nxgLkmRFich991BigCommerce: An alternative to Shopify. We have heard some great reviews about them. They also let you try it for free.

page2images_M7WiFWWw0fx68gey1Volusion: Another alternative to both Shopify and BigCommerce. We have never tried them but also heard some good things. It might be worth it to give them a try.

page2images_xpAfIk1ZiycnhvYz1Terapeak: Owned and operated by eBay. The difference between them and the other competitors is that they have a powerful product analytics tool.

Statistics & Analytics

page2images_C1rOZo0xScra47Yn1Google Analytics: One of the most popular and used tracking tools. This is a must have for anyone with a website. Flippa also allows you to sync your analytics stats to your website auction. We use it for all of our sites.

page2images_SytaHfihfz3SkOMo1Clicky:  The best alternative to Analytics. Offers advanced reports and live tracking. Easy to manage all of your sites. We like the interface.


page2images_OVQhxO8ZmeHgOJwR199Designs: Our go-to outsourcing site for anything design related. You can get professional logos done, business cards, website design, and more. The best part is dozens or more designers will submit designs and you can choose the one you like the most.

page2images_u1yTXNz7RIZUiv5M1Elance: Recommended if you need programmers/writers or any other odd jobs. You can find someone here. Posting a job listing is free.

E-mail Marketing


Aweber: It’s what we use. One of our favorite e-mail and newsletter management programs. If you have a newsletter or use e-mail marketing on your site then Aweber is one of the best.

page2images_SHIGWAtKxGPMtEfS1MailChimp: The most popular competitor to Aweber if you want an alternative, however we strongly prefer Aweber and their more advanced tools and options.

page2images_Pptxhr9CjWPO1XBK1Constant Contact: We have never tried them but from a brief search for reviews we have found a lot of positive feedback.

Social Media Tools

page2images_0kj66Id3JYla6lbi1SproutSocial: The social media tool that we use. It makes it much easier to share and engage your content across all of the social media platforms.

page2images_7lwvjovYz1RM1cRN1HootSuite: Another alternative to SproutSocial. One of the more popular options and a better choice for smaller websites and businesses.

Miscellaneous Stuff

3OtVSKTUh44KoqwKEstibot: Allows you to automatically value domain names based on over 30 external and internal domain attributes. Factors include domain length, extension, word count, and more. Gives you a ball park figure of what your domain might be worth.

page2images_2pIOgH8GYrXFsCw71DomainTools: Valuable tool to perform WHOIS looksups on domain names that will show you all kinds of interesting information. You can even see past history and screenshots. An absolute necessity when it comes to selling or buying higher value websites and domain names. ensures there is absolute security in the transaction.