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author1 Matt Preuss

Matt has been developing websites for 12 years and is a super seller on and the old Sitepoint platform, overseeing in the high six figures worth of website transactions. His passion is creating online brands and iconic websites that generate value over time and writes to share his knowledge of buying and selling websites with the webmaster community.

author2James Devonshire

James Devonshire is a freelance writer who specializes in creating content for social media, SEO and digital marketing purposes for a wide variety of businesses. With a strong knowledge of website monetisation, entrepreneurial practices and optimization techniques, James has carved out a literary niche for himself from his adopted home in the Philippines.

author3Ben Ricketts

Ben is a UK based writer with a strong background in website analytics and identifying web trends. Ben has worked with many top companies and written articles with a strong emphasis on internet marketing. He has an extensive knowledge of the SEO landscape and how to convert website traffic into revenue.

author4Dawn H. Roberts

From Dawn’s work in Strategic Marketing for music websites (, & she learned the fundamentals of digital advertising and monetizing websites. She started working in the digital world in the early 2000’s. As a consultant for start-ups in the past 6 years she gained first hand experience with web entrepreneurs finding their niche.

author5Mark Faris

Mark has been an online entrepreneur, writer, website flipper and more for over 8 years now. Having faced the highs and lows of the online marketplace first-hand, he has learned quite a few things along the way. Mark loves to share all those learnings with you here on this blog! Buying/selling websites can be great fun, provided you’re aware of the right tactics and know how to implement them correctly, my posts will help you do just that!

author6Sean Shado

Sean Shado is freelance journalist specializing in all things internet and emerging technologies. A self-described cloud computing enthusiast, Sean spends much of his time researching, building and discussing the next big thing in cloud. In his free time, Sean enjoys going to music festivals, hiking in the woods and burning calories at the gym.

author7Stacey Cole

A former lawyer turned stay-at-home Mum, Stacey spends her free time staying up to date with the latest in SEO, social media and all things copywriting. A self-confessed domain purchaser and website buyer-and-seller, Stacey has more ideas than time and way too much enthusiasm for her work!