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Offer Awesome Post Sales Support After Your Website Sale

A great seller will sell a great site, but I know for a fact you want to be an awesome seller.

How do you achieve this? It’s very simple – offer post sales support.

A buyer may view your auction and think “Damn! That’s a great site packed full of revenue, but how on Earth would I run it? Hmmm, I think I’ll pass!”.

However, if you list “post sales support” as one of the unique features of your auction, you’re reassuring bidders that you’ll help them through the tough transition phase.

To get that reputation as an awesome seller, let’s take a look at how you can offer world class post sales support after your website sale.

Reveal Your Secret Formula

Colonel Sanders has a secret recipe for his amazing fried chicken and your website is no different. It’s this formula that the buyer wants and needs to understand.

Your site may look as though it’s smoothly run, but your buyer won’t know how you’ve managed to achieve this; this can prove very daunting.

From fledgling site with a few ads to the multi-revenue stream super site of now, you’ve been there every step of the way. Therefore, you’ve got the knowledge to help guide your buyer through their first steps.

Arrange a Skype call with your buyer to talk them through the blood, sweat and tears that have made your site so fruitful. Go through the site’s history and show what worked and what didn’t.

Like me, you probably didn’t just design the site strategies in your head. You probably made notes, brainstormed, made more notes, drunk a gallon of coffee and made even more notes.

Share these notes! They’re crucial to show the workings behind your site’s success!

You Don’t Have to Clear Your Desk

Once you’ve sold your site it doesn’t mean you have to get the hell out of there.

Maybe the day to day stresses of running the site had sapped your initial passion, but what if you could rekindle that love?

Staying on in some capacity means that you could end each day with a smile on your face instead of reaching for that scotch.

Not only would it save your liver, it would be very appealing to a new owner. Having an experienced soundboard to hand to bounce ideas off is something you can’t buy.

It won’t always be an easy process, so you need to make sure both parties are aware of what’s going to happen.

Setting ground rules early on is a great way to make sure there’s not a clash of egos further down the line. You need to understand that you aren’t the decision maker anymore, but the new owner needs to be aware that your advice can’t be ignored.

Introduce the New Guy

People know what they like and they like what they know, so a new site owner always the runs the risk of running into a wall of uncertainty.

Loyal visitors may start to get itchy feet and seek out other sites where they know what to expect. Suddenly, their 2nd favorite site is their favorite. And yours is slipping down the rankings.

Give the new owner a head start by introducing them to your site’s community. This can be done in a number of ways.

Create a video interview between yourself and the buyer. This gives your fan base the chance to understand who Mr New Owner is and why he’s the perfect guy to carry on the terrific work you started.

Depending on which industry your site nestles, it may be worth setting up a conference call with affiliates, buyers and sellers. This is a fantastic idea as it allows the buyer to interact with the important cogs of your website. The buyer can also rest assured that, with yourself present, no one will be pulling the wool over their eyes.

Reap the Benefits

I touched earlier on how offering post sales support may encourage bidders to take a risk on your site, but that’s not the only benefit.

An awesome seller’s reputation will precede them, so the seal of approval you receive from each customer means selling your next site is a little easier.

Satisfied buyers are also more likely to engage with you in future pursuits. This could be cross promotional campaigns between your sites or, hopefully, the future sale of a site from your portfolio.

Don’t Treat Post Sales as an Afterthought

Offering post sales support allows you to engage with customers in a way that many vendors ignore.

This marks you out as an incredible seller, so adding extra value is crucial.

By offering amazing support you’ll discover that buyers are more likely to bid and both parties benefit.

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