5 Incredible Tips to Promote Your Flippa Auction

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5 Incredible Tips to Promote Your Flippa Auction

Your website’s pretty amazing, right?

Surely all you have to do now is list it on a Flippa auction and wait for the dollars to come rolling in, right?


If people don’t know about your auction they’re not going to bid on it, so you need to take that digital loudspeaker and make sure everyone and their dog knows about it!

I’m going to take you through 5 surefire ways to promote your Flippa auction and unlock the true worth of your killer website.

1. Get in Touch with Your User base

Who’s most interested in your site? A random buyer/seller of websites? Or the loyal users who’ve driven your traffic to all time highs?

Your user base are the ones with a true passion for your website and, therefore, they’re also the ones who are more likely to pay that little bit extra. By aiming promotional campaigns at them you’re ensuring there is a dedicated and hungry crowd for your listing.

But what’s the best way to target them?

Any site worth it’s salt should have a newsletter campaign which keeps its users up to date with all the site’s goings on. This is a great platform to announce your upcoming sale and pique peoples interest. For a really professional newsletter strategy try consulting an expert such as Aweber.

Social media is taking over our lives, so what better place to get a buzz going about your auction?

If you’ve got a loyal fanbase then they’re going to help spread the word by sharing and retweeting. With the help of social media scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and SproutSocial you can even target your users in different timezones without having to get up at 4am!

2. Optimize Your Listing’s Content

Do not underestimate the power of Flippa’s search function as it’s responsible for generating a high amount of traffic.

To harness the potential of Flippa’s search you’ll want to take a long hard look at your listing otherwise it will go missing in action.

Does the listing contain enough descriptive keywords? Buyers will be using the search function to filter specific keywords, so make sure you pack your listing full of these.

Use these descriptive keywords to replace hyperbole such as “best website ever” as it makes you look phoney and people simply won’t search for it.

The better your content, the better chance there is that buyers will find your great opportunity.

3. Give Your Site a Story on your Flippa Auction

Celebrities love nothing more than to keep in the headlines when they’re trying to sell something, so try taking a leaf out of their book.

Now, I’m not saying you need to start an affair with Scarlett Johannson to help promote your listing, but if you’ve got the charm to do this, you sure as hell should!

What I’m talking about is: how can you make sure people are talking about your sale?

A site that sells dog flea products isn’t that exciting, but what’s it story? Have the owner’s feature on TV in veterinary programmes? Does is sell the number one product to stop your pooch from itching and scratching? Or does it have a ridiculous URL e.g.

Get this story out there and there’s every chance you’ll start getting news features and generate a lot of interest.

4. Approach People in Your Niche

When it comes to selling your site, I’d say it’s a better time than ever to start fraternizing with your fiercest rivals!

Perhaps your site has been a thorn in their side over the last few years. You’ve managed to dominate traffic, web exclusives and monetization in your little niche, so this goldmine of a listing is one time they won’t be shaking their fists at you.

You’ll need to do a little research – such as a whois search on Namecheap –  to find out who your rivals are as their details aren’t always emblazoned across their sites.

Once you’ve got this information get in touch with a polite email and a link to tempt them into adding another site to their empire.

5. Spend a Little…

The old adage that you need to spend a little to make a lot has never been truer than with Flippa.

The majority of your views will come in the last 24 hours as anxious bidders start realising now is the time to pounce, but you still need to maximize your audience even at this point.

For $49 it may be worth purchasing a Featured Listing as this will get your listing on Flippa’s front page. This venture will expose you to fresh eyes and also stress that time is ticking away on the hammer coming down.

What if you really want to open up your listing to a huge audience? Where would you head? Who could provide an audience so vast that a record sale wouldn’t be out of the question?

You don’t get much bigger than Google or Facebook, so if it’s financially viable you seriously need to consider an ad here. Just imagine the huge audience you’ll gain.

Of course, you need to manage your money carefully here. If you’ve got a website worth $100 it’s going to be better to keep your hand out of your wallet.

Spread the Word

These five tips are an excellent way to give your listing a boost. It only takes one set of eyes to spot an amazing opportunity, so increase your chances of a high margin by getting the word out there effectively.

UK based writer with a strong background in website analytics and identifying web trends. Ben has worked with many top companies and written articles with a strong emphasis on internet marketing. He has an extensive knowledge of the SEO landscape and how to convert website traffic into revenue.


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