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How to Become an Awesome Flippa Seller!

If you want to sell your site on Flippa then you need two things:

  1. An amazing site full of potential
  2. Fantastic selling skills that put your rivals to shame

Now, the first area would take an aeon to discuss, so today I’m going to look at how you can become a better Flippa seller.

You’re probably already pretty good, but there’s always room to improve.

Remember, there’s lots of sellers out there willing to go the extra mile to win a sale. It’s time for you to go toe to toe with them!

Become Credible

One of the main areas that Flippa sellers fall down on is that they’re simply not credible enough.

Humans love to have something that they can link with a fellow inhabitant of Earth, but too often you’ll find that Flippa seller profiles are far from human!

What you’ll find on these profiles is often a vague pseudonym coupled with no logo/picture to embody the seller.

I didn’t want to pick on anyone, but a quick flick through Flippa reveals the user ‘Metaphysic’ – what does that even mean? Their sites exist? They don’t exist?!

And there’s no photo on there! Who are we dealing with? How can we connect with a faceless profile?!

Is it a surprise that they’ve had no successful deals in their first year? NO!


A ‘good’ example of how not to display your profile to the Flippa community

On the flipside there are profiles like that of ChrisUK where he’s taken the time to deliver the basics – his name’s Chris and he likes in the UK!

He’s also used a picture of himself so we know exactly who we’re dealing with.

What’s that strange feeling you’re getting? That’s the trust in ChrisUK rising high!

Oh and just take a look at his sales figures – nearly $300k from 26 deals which makes for some pretty reading!


An excellent example of how to build an engaging Flippa profile

Offer Protection

Don’t worry! I’m not suggesting that you start a protection racket mafiosa style!

What I’m talking about is showing a huge confidence in your auction, but how do you achieve this?

A great way to engender trust in your auction is to offer a no-quibble money back guarantee.

You see, buying a new site can be pretty daunting as there’s so much at risk. However, if a buyer’s offered a 14 day ‘get out’ period, they feel less anxious.

If you’re a legit seller with a great site up for grabs then you’ve got nothing to fear.

And, of course, this confidence is very attractive, so will increase the number of bids.

Answer Every Single Question about Your Auction

Trust is an incredibly valuable commodity in the world of sales. Trust puts people at ease and tempts them to make that $50,000 bid on your site.

However, when writing your auction listing, it’s impossible to preempt every little query or concern that may be lurking in careful bidders’ cautious minds.

That’s why Flippa invented the comments section and the ‘Contact Seller’ button. These areas allow buyers to pose fresh questions to you about your auction.

And they’re the perfect platform for you to demonstrate just how trustworthy you are!

Do this by answering every single question.

And make sure you’re listening to the bidder here, this forum is for them to get the reassurance they need and not for you to wax lyrical about why your site is amazing.

Take a look at seller Brannans answer to a question posed in the comments section. He’s incredibly honest about the site’s current limitations and even makes himself available to chat in depth on the matter. You can’t get much better than that!

Use the comments section build trust with bidders

Use the comments section build trust with bidders

If you can coax bidders out of the realms of caution then you’re getting them ever closer to hitting that bid button!

Sell Your Site’s Value Not Just Its Revenue

One thing that Flippa is great at is allowing you to demonstrate all the facts and figures about your site’s revenue.

You can upload pretty much any report you want and list all the metrics you want.

Although the figures being advertised can sometimes be a little dubious, they’re certainly very tempting.

But is that all your site is? A cold, hard cash making machine?

Hopefully that’s part of it, but without any type of soul to it there won’t be any revenue.

As a seller you need to clearly explain just why your site is such an amazing investment.

Maybe your profits are rising month on month and affiliates are banging at your door. This is what buyers really want to hear about. A site that appears to have plateaued isn’t as appealing as one packed full of potential.

It’s your job to show where this extra value lies, but you have to be wary of making false claims here. Stick to the honest facts and offer external communication e.g. put them in touch with these upcoming affiliates to add weight to your claims.

If bidders can see that extra value lies way beyond the end of the auction then they’re more likely to bid.

Become That Awesome Flippa Seller!

It’s not difficult to excel at being a Flippa seller, but you do need to put some effort in and stop thinking with your wallet.

Ultimately, you need to meet your customers’ needs. No, scratch that, you need to go the extra mile on your customers’ needs!

You cannot underestimate the impact of trust on a bidder’s mindset, so make sure you invest heavily in this dynamic.

Put my advice into action and you’re sure to build better relationships and, most importantly, drive more bids!


UK based writer with a strong background in website analytics and identifying web trends. Ben has worked with many top companies and written articles with a strong emphasis on internet marketing. He has an extensive knowledge of the SEO landscape and how to convert website traffic into revenue.

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