How to Write the Perfect Flippa Listing To Get Your Site Sold

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How to Write the Perfect Flippa Listing To Get Your Site Sold

A good website needs an even better Flippa listing to capture buyers’ imaginations and encourage them to part with their hard earned cash. No two auctions will be the same, but there’s a few pointers you can follow to help you write the perfect Flippa listing.

Start with a Great Headline

What’s the very first thing that buyers are going to see on your Flippa listing? Your AdSense revenue? Your genius copy skills? That profile picture of you partying?


Despite only being a few words long the headline can make the difference between a few views and an avalanche of views. Thankfully, crafting a great headline isn’t rocket science.

A buyer hungry for a profit needs to know why your website is worth bidding on, so make sure you cover the following in your headline:

Is the Site Ready and Raring to Go?

Buyers, and in particular new buyers, don’t want any downtime once the money has changed hands, so you need to let them know your site is fully operational and only minimal training is required.

Does It Sit in a Unique Niche for a Perfect Flippa Listing?

If you want dollar signs flashing up in buyer’s eyes then you can’t go wrong by letting them know that your site solves a unique problem. An innovative and unique site will always have great revenue potential.

Will It Be Fully Monetized?

We’re all in the flipping game to make money, so it’s important that you flaunt your revenue streams proudly in the headline.

If you combine these three aspects then you should come up with something like:

Automated site in import/export dog food niche preloaded with inventory and 6 revenue streams.

This satisfies all the needs of a headline as it’s automated and contains preloaded stock (ready and raring to go), deals with a specific problem of dog food import/export (unique niche) and is going to start earning you money from day one (fully monetized).

Explain What You’re Selling and Why It’s Worth It

The main focus for buyers viewing your Flippa listing will be on the features of your website and how it makes money.

Use bullet points to quickly highlight the key features of your website – see the listing’s seller notes for a great example of this. The quicker buyers can digest what your site’s about, the quicker they can consider a bid.

Detailing your traffic statistics is essential to show how awesome your website is, but how does the buyer know these are genuine?

The answer’s pretty simple: verification from an independent authority. Flippa allows you to put your money where your mouth is by incorporating analytics reports such as those provided by Clicky or Google Analytics.

About 6 months worth of traffic statistics can provide buyers with plenty of information about your site’s potential e.g. is traffic growing month by month, is there any seasonal change in traffic, which traffic channels are most popular etc.

As regards revenue, you need to be very honest here. If you mislead a buyer then you’re going to find yourself in serious trouble. What I always like to do is state the current revenue right down to the very last cent. An exact figure of $23,914.53 looks much more genuine and trustworthy than a vague $25k.

Why Are You Selling Such a Goldmine on Flippa?!

Wait a minute! If your website is so incredible, why are you letting it go?!

This is a very valid question and one that you’ll want to address quickly or buyers will suspect you’re trying to palm off bad stock.

As long as you give a genuine and honest reason people will accept it e.g. you’re working on other projects now and can’t dedicate enough time to this site.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Buying a website on Flippa is a serious investment, so buyers will scrutinize listings over and over again. Anything that rings alarm bells will mean they hit their browser’s back button in an instant.

If a seller slams their foot down on the hyperbole pedal then those alarm bells are going to ring and ring.

Dramatic statements which can’t be substantiated are out e.g “Unlimited revenue!”, “Once in a lifetime opportunity!” and “You cannot afford to miss this”.

Instead, get down to brass tacks and be transparent about your site’s potential by giving sellers what they want: reality and precise facts.

Be Brutal with Your Editing

Do not bore buyers to death with overlong listings!

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter in this digital age and, with the rise in mobile internet activity, so don’t irritate sellers by making them scroll and scroll and scroll…

You don’t want to present your listing as a piece of minimalist art, but you want to ensure that it’s all killer and no filler. Detailed information about your revenue streams is killer, statistics about your market share in Bolivia is filler.

Once you’ve finished your initial draft, try going through and highlighting all the sections which must go in the listing. Anything that isn’t highlighted can be scrapped.

Get Writing That Killer Flippa Listing!

These tips should give you a great head start on writing the perfect Flippa listing. Start by writing a headline that can’t be ignored and then follow this with proof, transparency and honesty in your listing to engage buyers. As long as you don’t fall into the trap of hyping up your sale then you should find the bids come thick and fast.

UK based writer with a strong background in website analytics and identifying web trends. Ben has worked with many top companies and written articles with a strong emphasis on internet marketing. He has an extensive knowledge of the SEO landscape and how to convert website traffic into revenue.

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