What Are the Hottest up and Coming Top Level Domains?

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What Are the Hottest up and Coming Top Level Domains?

We all want to know how to make money with domain flipping and 2015 promises to be a great year to achieve this.

You see, there’s going to be some really profitable domains hitting the net.

And these aren’t just going to be quirky, but useless TLDs such as .xyz – I mean, really, who thought that was a good idea?!

No, you’re going to find that some awesome TLDs are suddenly free that you can’t believe haven’t been released yet.

That’s why you need to do your homework and get ready to carry out a killer domain name search.

Let’s take a look through some of the picks for 2015.


Priority Registration: 05/27/2015 – 06/03/2015

General Registration: 06/03/2015

Whether we’re talking about American football or good old fashioned soccer, you don’t have to be a genius to know that these are both HUGE industries.

NFL revenues are slowly edging towards $10 billion per season and soccer… well, the new TV rights for the English soccer league alone bring in close to $3 billion dollars per season. So, yeah, it’s very lucrative.

But what does this mean for domain names?

Well, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pick up, for example, due to copyright rules and Chicago Bulls, as trademark owners, will get first dibs on this.

However, just imagine the huge prospects outside of brand names such as:

  • Training gear
  • Sportswear
  • Football camps
  • Youth football

You need to get brainstorming now as these TLDs are going to fly off the shelves and make a lot of money very quickly.


Priority Registration: 04/29/2015 – 05/06/2015

General Registration: 05/06/2015

The .sale is another great TLD which promises to offer cool marketing opportunities for companies and, in turn, offer some very lucrative domains.

Because, you know, who doesn’t love a sale? You get great products, but at a price which doesn’t make your wallet groan.

Just imagine the insane amount of traffic that will head to or

Pretty much any industry which sells something will be a goldmine as customers will know exactly what that site’s all about.

.adult and .porn

Priority Registration: 04/06/2015 – 05/31/2015 (limited availability)

General Registration: 06/04/2015

Where would the internet be without porn? Ever since the late 80s when it became possible to upload pictures it’s been one of the hottest (no pun intended) products online.

But, believe it or not, there’s only one obvious adult TLD, at present, in the form of .xxx domains.

Has it been successful? Yes, it’s been very succesful!

Now, from ICM Registry – owners of the .xxx TLD and the unreleased .sex TLD – comes .adult and .porn which are going to cause another whirlwind of activity.

Celebrities and brands are quickly purchasing relevant domains in order to prevent any bad press, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out.

There are going to be some multimillion dollar chances here for strong domains which concentrate on the basics of the adult industry such as:

  • Cam shows
  • Sex toys
  • Adult stars
  • DVDs

This is going to be one seriously phenomenal sale that you can’t afford to miss.


Priority Registration: 09/22/2015 – 09/28/2015

General Registration: 09/29/2015

The final new top level domain for 2015 that we’re going to look at is for that hot bed of educational growth, .college.

Now, you’re probably thinking “We’ve already got the well known .edu TLD, so why do we need this?”.

Well, it may appear rather secondary at first glance and less established, but it promises to bring a wealth of opportunities to the right domains.

You see, .college is a little more flexible that .edu as there is no limitation on the amount of domains that can be registered for one institution.

And it doesn’t create a snobbish set of rules that you have to bow down to. At the moment, if you want your institution to be awarded a .edu domain you have to satisfy a rigorous amount of requirements to buy one.

.college, though, now allows you to give your institution the respect and position that it deserves by being available to all.

Of course, there’s always more than one side to a TLD, so you have to consider other uses of the domain such as:

  • College life
  • College humour
  • Homework clubs
  • Fraternities

As you can see, .college promises to revolutionize educational domains in 2015, so you want to get studying now on the best domains to buy!

Time to Start Updating Your Portfolio

Domain names can prove to be highly INCREDIBLY profitable, so you should never ignore the worth of a great portfolio packed full of them.

We’ve shown that 2015 promises to serve up plenty of chances to make a fantastic profit on a relatively simple product.

Sex, of course, sells like nothing else and it’s going to be best to buy domains in this TLD.

But there’s plenty more to life than sex and key areas such as commerce, education and sport will also allow you to buy and sell domains in specialist niches.

Let us know in the comments below where you’ll be investing your dollars this year.

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