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6 Best Website Brokers To Help You Sell Your Site

So you want to sell your website?

It has traffic and a net income but you want to be able to reach out to as many buyers as possible. You also want to get the best possible price for the sale.

For more valuable websites that are earning a decent profit it may be a good idea to consider a website broker service.

But first you may be wondering how a website broker works.

In simple terms, they assist in the sale process. Think of it being like a real estate agent that helps you sell your house. The agent (website broker) manages the sale process for the vendor (website seller) in selling the asset (your website).

How does a website broker work?

When using a broker to sell your site it’s their job to determine the value for your website, create a strategy to market your sale, interview all possible buyers, present offers, assist in the negotiation, complete the sale, and assist in post sales support.

Many brokers also have access to a network of qualified buyers, marketing channels, which can fetch a much higher price than you would receive just by trying to auction the site yourself.

What does it cost?

Brokers work on a commission basis.

If your site doesn’t sell then they don’t get paid. There are no upfront fees or costs. The typical broker commission for selling a website is around 10 – 15%.

The best candidates for using a brokerage service are websites valued between $15,000 to over $5 million.

If you believe your website is valued in this range then it might be a good idea to consider some of the best brokers online:

image1. FE International

Founded in 2010 by Thomas Smale, FE International has become the premiere broker for online businesses valued between $20K and $5M. To date, the firm has successfully executed an industry-leading 500 transactions with over $100M in sales.

FE International boasts an expert team of 12 in their Boston, MA headquarters (regional offices in London, Saigon and Singapore) with backgrounds ranging from online entrepreneurs, investment bankers, consultants and technicians.

This is by far the most active broker in the industry with 7-10 online business sales per month. You can view all of their sold listings here. There’s no doubt that FE International is a proven service that will get your website sold. A number of readers have reported success with them especially in the SaaS, e-commerce and advertising niches!

Feb-18 Update: A SellMySite reader just wrote in to say he successfully sold a site with FE International for over $400K thanks to this post. They are currently offering free website valuations. Check out the email below! Cool!


 website broker2. Flippa Deal Flow

New on the scene is Flippa Deal Flow which is the latest service from Flippa, the #1 website marketplace.

When you list your website with Flippa’s Deal Flow it will only be shown to pre-qualified buyers in the program. This ensures that all buyers are able to purchase websites in the $20,000+ range. You will be assigned a broker who will answer all buyer questions for you and manage the sale process.


Founded in 2010 by Steven Endrizzi, MBA,  is which is a company focused on selling your website.

We especially like their record: listing over $50 million in websites for sale with a focus of selling those in the $150,000 to $20 million range. They have a large team of brokers and staff that are focused on selling your site quickly and for the best price.

In fact, 85% of their sites are sold within 2 months. To top it all off, they have a list of 15,000 approved buyers (buyers from the USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East, venture capital firms, investors, entrepreneurs, etc.) that may want to buy your online business.

4. AppBusinessBrokers

Founded by Eric Owens in 2011, AppBusinessBrokers (as the name suggests) specialises in being the go-to place for buyers and sellers of mobile app businesses.

However, even though their focus is on mobile app businesses, they have been in the business of internet based brokerage since 2004, so will also help buyers and sellers with internet businesses even if it’s not related to a mobile app business.

They currently have $21,480,000 in closed deals with a 90% sales record on all businesses listed.


Started in 2006, is a broker that has been around long enough to prove it.

Some of their largest sales have involved websites in the million dollar range, including an affiliate company for $3.5 million. The team, including Michael Koral and Justin Hartzman, manage the entire sale process for the seller. In 2013, created over $15 million in total website sales.

page2images_GfRPtSu05RlPnesI16. Trusted Site Seller

Started by Ryan Kaufman, Trusted Site Seller has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers. Ryan has been buying and selling websites for over 10 years and created Trusted Site Seller to help others sell their website quickly.

He only lists websites that he would buy himself. Backed by good reviews and a VIP buyers list, this broker makes our top 6 list.

Matt has been developing websites for 12 years and is a super seller on and the old Sitepoint platform, overseeing in the high six figures worth of website transactions. His passion is creating online brands and iconic websites that generate value over time and writes to share his knowledge of buying and selling websites with the webmaster community.

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